22: Fat Loss Rate v Fat Loss Potential - Cliff Wilson, Top Nutrition Coach - Interview!

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cliff wilson
Cliff Wilson is one of the most sought after natural bodybuilding contest prep coaches and one of the brightest minds in the industry. He and his wife Katie, as Team Wilson, have worked with several hundred successful clients and in 2013 alone helped 12 natural bodybuilders and physique competitors earn professional status in their sport! These 12 are some of 30 athletes Cliff and Katie have helped turn pro!
Today Cliff shares a very compelling theory on the difference of how fast one loses body fat when dieting compared to the total amount of body fat they are able to lose even at a very slow rate. As with any incredibly insightful person like Cliff, this interview quickly dovetails into pure gold as Cliff drops all kinds of valuable insight on many topics relating to training and nutrition. So much, that this is just part 1 - stay tuned for part 2 of this interview in a few weeks!
Note: Cliff was pivotal to my first season success as a natural bodybuilder. I was blown away by the transformation to my physique while under his guidance in such a short period of time. I give his services my highest recommendation!

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