34: Book Smart,Gym Smart, or Both? Cliff Wilson Interview Pt 2!

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Today is the first Wild Card Wednesday. Based on popular demand there will be more interviews! Wednesday episodes will now be either guest interview or research and so we’re back with part 2 of the interview with Cliff Wilson. In part one, Episode 22, Cliff shared interesting theory on the contradiction whereby some of his clients with the slowest metabolisms can get the leanest, yet some of his clients with crazy high metabolisms struggle to reach elite levels of body composition. Part 2 covers the conflict between formally educated trainers/coaches vs. those without formal education and how to balance use of both knowledge sets for those possessing both. If you’re a client looking for a coach or trainer – John and Cliff also share how to find the best coach or trainer for you! Additional insights are shared on carving out your methods as a professional and staying adaptable in them. Calories in v. calories out doesn’t necessarily equal weight gain or loss – and the nuances of why this might be so are discussed. Finally, did you know Cliff used to play basketball against the NBA’s in high school? Be sure to listen through for those stories and more!

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