36: Dr. Layne Norton - A Behind the Scenes Look

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Holding a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, multiple natural bodybuilding pro cards, and elite status as a raw powerlifter – Layne Norton is a leader in the field of body composition optimization. Check the end of these show notes for more info on how to find all of Layne’s great content, but today it’s all about the behind the scenes stuff:
- Of all the things Layne’s involved in what does he enjoy the most? How about the least?
- What is a typical day like for Layne? How does he balance family and business with the bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle?
- How is Layne training and eating currently? Using himself as an example he also speaks about the importance of letting your methods evolve as you learn and develop as an athlete.
- When will we see him on a powerlifting platform next? Is he considering stepping on the bodybuilding stage again anytime soon?
- Does Layne have other superstitions or habits to enhance his training and workouts?
- The laws of calories in vs. calories out defied by improper exercise and nutrition habits – evidence from 100s of clients
- Expanding the BioLayne Team after the Metabolic Damage video series, the art of client referral
- Who are the people working behind the scenes with Layne and what do they do?
- If he can find time – what does Layne do outside of training and nutrition for enjoyment?
- What are the next big things in store for Layne and his team?
- What are some opportunities he’s passed up over the years? His thoughts on staying independent rather than employed.
- Layne and John Otis Hollywood
- The TRUTH about the amount of work it takes to achieve Layne’s level of success
- If he had to choose Bucs or Colts for football which would it be?
Some of my favorite educational videos from Dr. Layne Norton
Metabolic Damage
Metabolic Capacity
Reverse Dieting
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