67: Rich Piana - Makin' Money & Tales of the 5% - Part 2

Posted by John Bosse on

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Today's interview is a continuation of Rich's interview in episode 41. That interview ended with the question, "Rich what's been the best part of your life?" Hear Rich's answer as he tells us about:
- Mutual fund and real estate investing to buy a house at 24
- Movies, commercials, citcoms
- Carryover of bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle - can be keys to success or kiss of death
- Peru fight incident
- Training hard enough to allow diet flexibility & avoid food obsession
- Weight cycling and owning some of the less healthy aspects of the sport
- 5%er moments in business (day trading), eating (pizza eating contests w/family), and training (day long arm workouts)
Later today we'll be launching special bonus content from a call with Rich on 3/16, stay tuned!

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