72: Precision Nutrition's Brian St. Pierre - Results Based Nutrition Pt 2

Posted by John Bosse on

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Brian's back and dropping knowledge again - if you missed episode 57 - check that out for part 1 - part 2 today is all about the following:
- Increasing client confidence
- Mining client data to predict the best program for each
- The pros and cons of somatotyping clients
- Results based decision making
- Is it calories in vs. calories out or stress and sleep holding back body composition changes
- Coaching in groups vs. with individuals
- Guiding your practice with non-responder clients through blood work and hormonal data
- Level of detail in nutrition coaching, meeting the client where they're at
- Per meal vs. per day nutrition recommendations
- Nutrient timing, adjusting one's nutrition philosophy over time
- Sleep tracking for health and performance
- Realistic expectations for progress & client's level and age, what's in your control, etc?
And so much more!

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