75: Big J's Extreme Fitness - Jason English Behind the Gym

Posted by John Bosse on

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Today's Monday fun day guest is Jason English, AKA "Big J" of the highly popular YouTube channel and hardcore gym in Texas - Big J's Extreme Fitness. Having served in the US Army and currently as a catastrophe response officer, Big J knows sacrifice for others better than almost anyone in the often selfish fitness industry. Today we get a unique look at what it's like to grow a niche gym while being out of town and in harm's way so often. Big J is old school, but his messages of positivity are timeless.  Also if you ever wanted to be inspired you'll hear Big J's amazing recovery story after being run over by a hum v while in active duty. Enjoy! Oh and if you want to see Big J bending horseshoes for fun check out this video -

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