93: Big J Shares Old School Tactics for Gym Owner Success & His Next Chapter!

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bigj2If you missed part 1 of this interview be sure to check out episode 75. In today's Part 2, Big J shares old school tactics for growing a gym membership and building a community that still work in the new school! So many valuable lessons can be learned from Big J's old school approach to growing a loyal gym membership which have now been used to build a raving YouTube audience of nearly 100,000 subscribers in just a couple short years. Big J also shares the highest and lowest moments to inspire you on your journey to open your own facility.

Finally we dive deep into Big J's behind the scenes life as an international catastrophe response officer and also discuss his knack for bending horeshoes and what the coming decades have in store for him. Big J was an awesome interview and I hope you enjoy his stories and tips as much as I did. To learn more about Big J check out his awesome YouTube channel at:

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