99: Dieting Hard? Want to Know What Changes are Happen In Your Body?

Posted by John Bosse on

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Most bodybuilders diet for contests and have all kinds of theories about whats going on with their hormone levels and many other things in their body. Many of these theories are likely accurate, but it would be cool to see a competitor actually tracked with all of these measures taken by a legit lab the whole way along right? Right! Today’s research study is a case study of a natural bodybuilder’s contest prep for 6 months and his 6 month post-show recovery period. Tune in to learn a whole lot from the study and tips after the study review on how to best master this crazy sport we call bodybuilder that so many of us relish putting ourselves through, haha. John always reviews the full text of every article, but to see the abstract of the study discussed, click here:

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