100: Rock Tape: Science & Case Studies w/Jill Magee, Dr. Steven Capobianco

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My guests today are two of the rock stars for the company Rock Tape – a leading kinesiotape manufacturer that many of you have probably seen worn by numerous elite athletes. If you’re like me you’ve probably been a little on the fence with kinesiotaping – you’ve seen people with their knees and elbows and thighs all taped up with these bright neon tapes and wondered what the heck is that stuff. Well at the Arnold Sports Festival I decided to let both Rock Tape and KT Tape tape up my elbows the afternoon before I went to do a workout involving a lot of triceps work. I must say it certainly quieted down my usual tendonitis to a degree. As I phase back into more serious training I might incorporate use of these tapes more, but before I do, I wanted to learn more right from the scientists who use this stuff in their everyday practice. I figured what better way than to learn right here on the show so we can all benefit.
We talk all kinds of different applications of kinesiology taping for pain management, better recovery from training, movement, and resting posture, but particularly touch upon applications for bodybuilders and “bench pressers” shoulder posture.
The person who taped my elbow at the Arnold is the owner of Take Action Performance where she works with a variety of clientele, specializing a great degree in working with NFL football players. As a certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist she specializes in manual therapy, kinesiotaping, biomechanical and muscular imbalance correction, and injury prevention. My other guest, he is a certified sports chiropractic physician and exercise rehabilitation specialist who has co-developed Fascial Movement Taping, a movement based kinesiology taping technique. Dr. Capo also has degrees in Exercise Science and Kinesiology and has worked with elite athletes for over 15 years, including the San Jose Earthquakes and San Jose Seahawks soccer and rugby teams.

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