110: Dr. Jacob Wilson on Extreme MUSCLE Gains, His Training & More! - Part 1

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After many requests Dr. Jacob Wilson has joined MUSCLE: Science and Application for Part 1 of a 2 part interview. Topics discussed include:
- Variability in muscle hypertrophy response to the same training program
- What should poor responders to training do – are they doomed?
- What are some of the craziest hyper-responders he’s seen?
- Choosing a training partner that responds like you to shorten the learning curve for both
- How his training style has evolved over the years based on his research
- New data on extreme results from extreme weighted stretching, eccentric exercise thoughts, etc
- Training for a pump – science or B/S?
- How do super advanced lifters still eek out additional gains?
- MUSCLE observations his team decided to test in the lab
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