112: Dr. Jacob Wilson on Keto, Research Integrity, & Upcoming MUSCLE Research - Part 2

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After many requests Dr. Jacob Wilson has joined MUSCLE: Science and Application for Part 2 of a 2 part interview. Don’t miss episode 110 for part 1. Topics discussed here in part 2 include:
- Breaking data on ketogenic dieting during advanced weight training
- What he and his wife Stephanie have learned from each other trading info on performance first vs. physique first nutrition
- Integrity and protecting against bias in scientific research
- And sneak peaks at multiple cool projects coming up in his lab including the most optimal breakfast for strength training athletes and even the role that probiotics and gut health may play in muscle gains – these are just a couple of the sneak peaks.
I also move closer to announcing the official launch of the Muscle Detailz Tribe at!
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