115: One of Kind Bodybuilding & Fitness Community, Fitness Business Tips n' More!

Posted by John Bosse on

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The MUSCLE Detailz Tribe is coming! Look for it in mid to late May and hear more about it today on the show - this is going to be unlike any group you've ever seen before. I also go through some tips for your fitness business - lesson's I've learned and things that are working well for me right now. Once amazing book for how to totally dominate your social media that I mention on the show is Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook - unreal and highly recommend. Then I also announce the show's first sponsor AllStarHealth where I've been ordering almost all my supplements for about 12 years - killer prices, flat rate shipping, and a price match guarantee - I would recommend em unless I thought they totally kicked a$$ :).
Finally, I mentioned the 48 Days Podcast with Dan Miller that I always talk about is giving away this $50 mastermind development course for like the next week for free so grab it if you've ever wanted to start your own high level private community.
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