118: Train Like a Bodybuilder or a Powerlifter – Which gets you BIG Faster?

Posted by John Bosse on

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We probably all know someone who trains like a bodybuilder who’s stronger than a powerlifter. Meanwhile, probably more of us know even more lifters who train like powerlifters and are super strong, but don’t have physiques anywhere near as aesthetically impressive as a bodybuilder. Then we probably know some who train either style and look the part of both. Is there any research on which training style is best? Seems like an out-dated question, but in advanced lifters the research is actually quite limited. Today John reviews a new study on this area which leads in to a fairly lengthy, but action packed applications portion of the episode on finding the right training program for YOU based on a wide variety of factors. You’re sure to find some interesting through provoking comments in this one. John always reviews the full text of every article, but to see the abstract of the study discussed, click here:
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