130: High Protein Diets – Just How High Can you Go?

Posted by John Bosse on

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So many “experts” swear up and down that crazy high protein intakes are not necessary. Yet there still always plenty of “meatheads” who’ve been lifting for years that hold to their intakes which are much higher than even most Sports Nutrition authorities would recommend. Who’s right? Does it depend? Is there even any scientific research on this? Today John reviews a study looking at protein intake as high as 4.4 grams per kilogram of bodymass or 2 grams per pound. This leads to some interesting philosophical discussion on protein and extremes in anything relating to the resistance training world. John always reviews the full text of every article, but to see the abstract of the study discussed, click here:  The other review articles John wrote on protein and mentioned in the applications half of today’s episode can be found here:
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