131: No Bullsh** Bodybuilding's Ian McCarthy Balances Exercise and Nutrition Science & Application Pt 1

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If you're at all familiar with the online bodybuilding community you've no doubt heard of Ian McCarthy. Ian has made waves as the incredibly intelligent young guy who stands for science and reason and doesn't stand for bullsh** - openly standing up to industry titans who spew endless "bro science" without sound reasoning to back their methodologies. This outspoken personality has garnered plenty of supporters and a fair share of haters. Ian joins the show today to share a solid balance of the science and application that is behind his recommended methods.
Ian McCarthy is the founder of Lifting for Life and most notably No Bullshit Bodybuilding – both online fitness communities with fast growing followings. Ian’s Lifting for Life YouTube channel is approaching 25,000 subscribers and his No Bullshit Bodybuilding page has over 80,000 fans. Originally from France, Ian now lives in the United States. Despite only being 21, I consider him to be very well spoken and knowledgeable on many areas related to health, nutrition, and exercise science both from a great deal of self-study and first hand experience including recovering from a battle with anorexia. Clearly other veterans in the field recognize his expertise as well as he has appeared as a guest on other popular shows including RX Muscle’s Heavy Muscle Radio and has hosted roundtable nutrition discussions with leading professionals such as Alan Aragon and Eric Helms.
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