138: Anthony Monetti - WNBF Pro Bodybuilder & MTV True Life Star - Pt 1

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Anthony Monetti from MTV’s True Life I Want the Perfect Body in 2003 is today’s special guest in part 1 of a two part interview. He shares the trials and tribulations along the way in achieving that appearance. This is an episode about inspiration to go all in and do what you love and make your dreams as a fitness entrepreneur and competitor come true. Anthony went on to become a professional natural bodybuilder and offers insight on how to give it everything you have yet have strategy and a game plan for a balanced life and life beyond competition. We also discuss how to deal with people doubting your dreams. Anthony is known for being incredibly confident and so he discusses how he stays this way even despite the inevitable failures that come with pushing the limits. Finally, hear more about Anthony’s career as a fitness professional and the inspiring story of starting his gym and providing meals for he and his now wife’s clients. We close this part 1 with Anthony’s advice on using goal setting and a vision board for success.
Anthony Monetti is an accomplished WNBF Professional Natural Bodybuilder having taken 2nd place in the WNBF Pro Universe in 2010 and winning the heavyweights at the 2013 WNBF Pro US Cup. Many people know him from his 2003 appearance on MTV’s True Life I Want the Perfect Body Series which documented his journey in trying to turn professional as a natural bodybuilder. Since that time in addition to the turning pro and the placings I just mentioned Anthony’s appeared on the TV show Change of Heart, Change of Heart, represented a video game at Comicon in 2008, been on The NewlyWed Game with your Wife Karen, opened a Diet Doc franchise, promoted natural bodybuilding shows, and opened his own gym bodhi by Anthony Monetti.
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