145: Help Design Personal Training Software w/Matt McGunagle of Strength Portal!

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Ever wanted to help in the development of personal training and nutrition software? Today's your day! Matt McGunagle of Strength Portal joins us today to share his program and how he has developed it through implementing the input of many personal trainers around the world. Matt is definitely a team player in this respect and is offering listeners a free trial of his program and welcomes you to contact him with your input to make Strength Portal better suit your needs. As a subscriber to his program you can even have Matt integrate your programs into his to make your templates seamless. In addition to pursuing this one venture, Matt has been involved in others and studies entrepreneurship with a passion. I make sure to pick his brain on starting a fitness business, who to collaborate with, and important things to consider. Look forward to a YouTube airing of this episode with full video soon!
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