159: Low Oxygen Training – Boosts or Hurts Gains?

Posted by John Bosse on

Gas Mask S10
It seems like there’s so many unique ways to make weight training harder these days. One of these ways is via exposing the body to low oxygen levels while working out through either wearing a mask or working out in a room set to be low in oxygen. But wouldn’t this kind of workout restrict your gains because you wouldn’t be able to train as hard? Today’s research study looks at this topic and tries to determine if there are any “extra” gains to be obtained from training under low oxygen. This study provokes discussion about weighing whether or not to add a new method to your training program vs. sticking with what’s worked in the past and also brainstorms future areas to test around hypoxic training. John always reviews the full text of every article, but to see the abstract of the study discussed, click here: If you enjoy this podcast you’ll love the MUSCLE Detailz tribe – more info at
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