201: Paul Revelia & Tyler Mayer Livin the Dream - Pro Natural Bodybuilders, Contest Prep Coaches Pt 1

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Paul Revelia and Tyler Mayer are both highly sought after contest prep coaches for bodybuilding, physique, figure, and bikini competitors. Both have helped numerous athletes earn professional status in these sports. Both are pro natural bodybuilders and both have competed multiple times in drug free powerlifting posting some impressive numbers on the platform. Both are sponsored athletes and reps with Core Nutritionals. My main motive for having these two guests on in tandem is they share many similarities in their approaches, background, and future goals, yet each offer a unique perspective, a slightly different story, and slightly different methods. Tyler is the owner of Team TNT and Paul is the owner of Pro

Part 1 of the interview focusing on chasing the fitness dream of pursuing a meaningful career you're passionate about.

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