214: How Does Your Body Fight you from Losing Weight?

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Metabolic damage, metabolic adaptation, reverse dieting, and refeeds are all largely buzz or pop words known mostly to the bodybuilding and fitness community and are less familiar to other groups. But is there science to back these words up? Today’s episode looks at a nicely done research review that highlights a variety of reasons that explain these phenomena observed by leading nutrition practitioners and includes the best available recommendations of how to keep a healthy metabolism during advanced dieting in lean active individuals. The second half of the episode includes by reflections on my own personal experience and additional thinking on explaining what goes on with our bodies and how to know if you’re cut out to prepare athletes for bodybuilding and physique competitions, I don’t believe it’s for everyone even if they possess much of the necessary knowledge. John always reviews the full-text of each study review on the show, but to see the abstract please go to: This podcast is proudly sponsored by John’s premium exercise equipment and apparel company Barbell 1. Check out for helpful tutorial videos on training and nutrition and the Barbell 1 product line.

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