215: No Carbs after 6 PM? AND Who Determines Your Self Worth?

Posted by John Bosse on


So many people warn don’t eat carbs after 6 PM or don’t eat at all too close to bed – supposedly you’ll gain fat much easier, but is that really true? Today’s research study reviewed actually shows some benefits to eating late. The discussion half of the episode focuses a lot on relativity, in relation to meal timing, training timing, and frequency, and even self-concept and confidence – so much is relative and John shares why he thinks so many people view things too absolute. John always reviews the full-text of each study review on the show, but to see the abstract please go to: This podcast is proudly sponsored by John’s premium exercise equipment and apparel company Barbell 1. Check out for helpful tutorial videos on training and nutrition and the Barbell 1 product line.

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