222: James Tatum and Travis Cooper - Olympic Weightlifting National Champions - Pt 1

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James Tatum and Travis Cooper are both members of team Muscle Driver USA, a team of elite weightlifters based in the Carolinas. I watched these guys take first and second in the 77 kilo weight class at the 2014 USAW Weightlifting National Championships held in Salt Lake City Utah just this July. With these placings, both are strong candidates to represent the USA in weightlifting at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. As for previous placings, I could go on all day, both have won gold and silver medals at previous American and national championships as well. While their accomplishments on the platform are more than reason to have them on the show, what’s particularly interesting about James and Travis is they also host a podcast called the weightlifting scoop and in my opinion have conducted some of the most interesting self-experiments I’ve heard of in recent years in relation to training. We discuss these experiments and much more in part 1 of this 2 part interview.

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