243: Drs. Hugh West & Jenny Marland (My Surgeon & PT) Discuss Hip Impingement in Strength Athletes

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I have two very special guests on the show today – the man who cut me open Dr. Hugh West  so he and his partner in crime Dr. Jenny Marland could put me back together. You guessed it my guests today are my orthopaedic surgeon and physical therapist who performed a successful surgery on my left hip back in April to repair my torn labrum and remove a large bone spur from my femur. West is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in FAI surgery which is the surgery I had. Many say he’s one of the best in the country in this procedure. And working along side him is my physical therapist who brings a very unique perspective, having had FAI surgery herself. Marland holds a Doctorate in physical therapy and has been practicing for almost 15 years. Today we’re going to be touching on a variety of topics relating to hip health from the strength athlete’s perspective.

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