252: Best of MSA Bryce Lewis - World Record Powerlifter on Coaching, Being Coached, the Sport & Life Balance

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Please enjoy this re-air of episode 117 - the best of MUSCLE - Science and Application while John is away at the Mr. Olympia Expo in Vegas.

Elite raw natural powerlifter Bryce Lewis stops in for part 1 of a 2 part interview today. He shares quality reflections on coaching and being coached, the sport of powerlifting as it grows, training/life balance, his transition and move from elite volleyball coaching in California to coaching powerlifting full time online from his new home in Aurora Colorado and much more. Bryce is a very advanced thinker and everyone is sure to gain some actionable insights from this interview.
Bryce Lewis is an elite drug free powerlifter in the 181 and 198 pounds weight classes. His best lifts in competition are 385 in the bench, 585 in the squat, and 680 in the deadlift. He holds junior world records in both the USAPL and APA. Prior to his success in powerlifting he was a competitive natural bodybuilder and played division II men’s volleyball for San Francisco State University. Previously a coach to elite volleyball players, Bryce has now shifted gears to educating and coaching many aspiring powerlifters through his company The Strength Athlete. Learn more about Bryce and The Strength Athlete at
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