263: Does Bouncing at the Bottom of Reps Make Them Less Effective?

Posted by John Bosse on

Man with weight training equipment on sport club

We’ve all likely gone in and out of phases where we used rebound at the bottom of our reps to lift more weight and times when we eliminated this tactic in a quest for greater muscle activation. But what does science say about using the stretch shortening reflex is it necessarily a bad thing. That’s the topic of the first half of the episode and the second half touches on the dangers of touting training dogmas because everyone else is saying them. John always reviews the full-text of each study review on the show, but to see the abstract please go to: . This podcast is proudly sponsored by John’s premium exercise equipment and apparel company Barbell 1. Check out for helpful tutorial videos on training and nutrition and the Barbell 1 product line.


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