277: Family First

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That man you see right there is my 91 yo. grandfather who I haven't seen for 9 months prior to this episode. I always tell people how he still lifts religiously 3 times/wk. what i didn't know that came up in conversation hanging out with him the day this was recorded:
- Friends telling him he has to stop doing 200 lb lat pulldowns because they're afraid he'll pull his artificial hip out of socket, so he moved the pin up to 150
- He still smith benches 150 for reps - sets of 10 i believe
- Oh and the huge tree branch that fell down in his yard a couple days ago that i told him lmk if u need help with this (but knew he wouldn't want it), already all cut up and handled

This is just a small part of why I love this guy to death - been such an amazing role model and friend in my life and is a big part of why I recorded today's episode all about when you have limited time with family, screw the gym and eating 100% and all of that - focus on what really matters - period.

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