282: Eccentric Benching – Training Capacity v. Concentric

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It’s no secret I’m a big fan of eccentric overload training as I’ve discussed numerous times on the show before. But, I feel I am typically making a few cases for this style of training based on my own experience, without fully locating the relevant research to support it, well today’s study if more of that supporting research. Tune in to catch that as well as the applications half of the episode which deals with practical tips related to eccentric training and my thoughts on where equipment does in fact limit our ability to training optimally and how optimal training is a very loaded and perhaps misused term. John always reviews the full-text of every article, but you may view the free abstract by clicking here: . This podcast is proudly sponsored by John’s premium exercise equipment and apparel company Barbell 1. Check out for helpful tutorial videos on training and nutrition and the Barbell 1 product line.

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