300: Scott Abel - Coach, Former Bodybuilder, Industry Vet Shares the Truth Behind the Supplement Industry

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Scott Abel brings a very unique combination of competitive bodybuilding experience, coaching elite competitors such as Ron Partlow, Ben Pakulski, and Crystol Wood, consulting for the supplement and bodybuilding magazine industry, writing for T-Nation, Flex, Muscle & Fitness, Musclemag, and most importantly conducting graduate studies in sociology and practicing in social work, counseling a wide variety of clientele. In an industry so full of masters of crunching nutrition and training programs, Scott places those aspects of health and body composition optimization somewhat secondary to a more holistic approach that prioritizes the emotional and mental aspects to fitness and health. My original goal was to discuss more about growing an info product business in the fitness industry as he’s been successful doing this, but as I learned more about him our interview instead focuses more on the truth of physique competition and the industry. I want to raise awareness of the things Scott has seen and also learn all that he has to share regarding the ofter brushed under the rug dark side of the supplement industry.

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