307: Just How Effective Are Steroids?

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So while I know we have a range of listeners here on the show, some make take performance enhancing drugs and others may not, it’s my impression that the majority of us do not. Amongst those that do not, there’s often a lot of “talk” I’m using air quotes, about just how much steroids help those who use them. I know myself, as much as I do this sometimes too, I usually just tell people I plea ignorance, I really don’t know enough about the drugs to comment accurately, despite having had some close friends use them. In any event, I figured why not find a study monitoring the muscle building effects of steroid use, hard to find, but there are some. Today we review one and discuss some ethical and personal considerations around performance enhancing drug use and judgement others make on the use of. John always reviews the full-text of every article, but you may view the free abstract by clicking here: . This podcast is proudly sponsored by John’s premium exercise equipment and apparel company Barbell 1. Check out for helpful tutorial videos on training and nutrition and the Barbell 1 product line.

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