386: Dave Tate, Elite FTS CEO, Drops Training, Business, and Industry Knowledge - Three Part Interview, Pt 1 of 3

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Dave Tate is the founder and CEO of which works to provide strength coaches, athletes and trainers with the highest-quality equipment, personalized service and information needed to advance their training programs. Dave achieved elite status in powerlifting in three different weight classes before, with a best all time total of 2205 - finally stepping away from competition to focus more on EliteFTS. He has authored numerous books and countless articles and is also renown for traveling tours of seminars he has done over the years. Elite FTS also has two podcast called EliteFTS – Iron Subculture and EliteFTS – Sports Performance Podcast. As an aspiring entrepreneur and inventor, I can particularly relate to and am incredibly motivated by Dave’s story and the growth of EliteFTS. Behind almost every successful brand and company that seemingly has been an industry leader forever, there is a story of incredible hardship that is much longer than most will realize. If you haven’t read his Company Story book, highly recommend it. Dave joins us in this three part interview to discuss the lessons learned and share more of his story both on and off the platform.

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