394: Beyond the Training & Nutrition - Tips for Bodybuilding Success w/Jeff Alberts & Andrea Valdez

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I’ve got the pleasure of having two guests today - Jeff Alberts has been weight training for nearly 30 years and competing as a lifetime drug free natural bodybuilder for over 20 years, recently taking 3rd in the pro lightweight at the 2014 WNBF Worlds. Joining us as well is Andrea Valdez, a popular youtube fitness personality with over 13,000 subscribers who holds a Master’s degree in Exercise physiology, has grabbed trophies on body the stage and the platform and has authored numerous helpful ebooks on training and nutrition.

Andrea's most recent e-books cover all the little things that go beyond training and nutrition to be successful as a bodybuilder. She's teamed up with world renown posing coach Jeff Alberts and they review posing, tanning, class selection, a timeline for leading up to the show and much more. Check she and Jeff's ebooks and guide out at

Natty vs not video by Eric helms:
Recovering from bodybuilding shows with Jeff and Andrea:

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