439: Review of Best Ways to Train for Maximum Muscle Gain

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As you know if you’re a regular listener of the show I typically review original research articles, but occasionally I do cover reviews of research and we have one of those articles today. Often times the reason I don’t cover reviews is because I was to avoid a potential extra layer of bias in interpreting the research, but reality is most people writing an in depth review of a topic are going to be quite while versed in the content and I think reading a few reviews gives a little bit of checks and balances – more than likely one group is going to highlight some aspects of the body of research that another group either forgets to include or is not as aware of or does not believe in for whatever reason. By quickly skimming the abstract of this study I got the feeling I might see a few different perspectives that are not as well discussed highlighted and so since most of you listeners are interested in building muscle – had to review this one. John always reviews the full-text of every article, but you may view the free abstract by clicking here:

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