472: Spacing Protein Throughout the Day - What is Optimal? - Coach's Corner with Guest Hosts Cliff Wilson & Elliot Reimers

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Coach's Corner guest host Cliff Wilson is joined by Elliot Reimers - Muscle & Strength Author and lead developer of Simply Shredded's new supplement line. Cliff and Elliot discuss numerous philosophies regarding the optimal distribution of protein throughout the day.

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  • I would have been nice to hear about if there is an advantage to increasing protein intake inside the period after one’s workout.
    For example, Lane Norton and Jacob Wilson determined that muscles for experience bodybuilders are still recovering inside a 17 hour window. For novices this is 24-48.
    Consequently, should one focus on getting good protein spikes during this time period as opposed to 4-6 protein meals a day irregardless of when the worikout occurs. Are the first 2 meals, 4-6 hours apart, the most crucial ones?

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