Mass Caps - Patented Dumbbell Technology - Add 100 lbs each to Dumbbells!

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Finally, a way to make heavier dumbbells using existing dumbbells and plates! Set a new dumbbell press PR. Create your own monster dumbbell for Kroc Rows using your own weight plates. Grab a set of 2 or 4 + adapters and drawstring backpack for carrying. Add up to 100 lbs to your gym's dumbbells! Watch our videos on the videos page for setup instructions and footage of Mass Caps in action! Bigger dumbbells without the space and cost headache is now a reality with our patented dumbbell progression. 100% durability guarantee.

Dumbbells and weight plates not included. Set of 2 is great for one dumbbells for heavy rows. Set of 4 ensures you can use Mass Caps for any exercise involving 2 dumbbells.

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