Design Your Own Custom Recoveroller Large Diameter (5.25")

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HURTS SO GOOD - molded ridges that work with the natural orientation of your muscle fibers just like a deep massage

TRAIN HARDER - break up muscle adhesions and tight fascia for better soft tissue quality & more efficient movement.

RECOVER FASTER – get relief from soreness from hard workouts. Great for the IT band, calves, and back.

LASTS 4 LIFE – you'll never have to replace, will not lose firmness. Leatherlike outer resists wear. Used in the NFL.

XL 5.25"diameter, keeps you higher off the ground, less drag. Original 4.25" diameter = more concentrated pressure. 18 inch length travels well and is wide enough to roll out your back.

Choose from the 12 color options shown in the images and add your logo and/or text embroidery. We make the only fully customizable self-myofascial release roller on the market! *Due to demand and customization, item ships in 2-3 weeks.

What are users saying?

"The recoveroller is without a doubt the best roller I have ever used. The deep grooves and harder surface allow it to really dig in better than the standard "foam" rollers. I use it before every training session to help me loosen up and increase flexibility before training. I also recommend it for all of my clients.

~ Cliff Wilson, Team Wilson Contest Prep, Core Nutritionals Sponsored Athlete

"I have used other foam rollers and recovery aids and this product is the best by far. I use the Recoveroller after my tough Leg and Back workouts and the grooves really hit the spots on my body that no other roller can. It is also small enough to take with me anywhere, and since I travel all over the world for shows, guest appearances, and VIP Camps it is a must have for me to keep up my hectic training schedule. A plus product!

~Philip "Rico" Ricardo, 8x Natural Bodybuilding World Champion

"Great roller. I've been in the fitness industry for 15 years and using rollers for the past 10 years or so. This one is now my go-to roller. It's high-quality and I don't see it wearing down like some of the foam rollers. It's pretty dense so it's particularly good if you're tight and muscular. I highly recommend it."

~Ted Ryce

"Love the roller, it's just the right hardness for what I use it for, mainly my back. It's cool that you can customize it."

~ Big Ron Partlow, IFBB Pro, MUTANT Athlete

"my recovery time is faster and mobility is awesome with this roller. i use it almost every night while watching TV. Stretching my legs after heavy day of deadlift, squats. Especially for my lower and upper back. it's amazing and must have product. LOVE and LOVE it! Five Stars product."

~Gwen N.

"This roller not only lasts but it was obviously designed by someone who lifts. All joking aside the Recoveroller is certainly one of those tools that will always be in my gym bag. Largely in part because its durable and I don't ever see myself having to replace it. This has been a problem with other rollers I had previously purchased. Be it after a workout, powerlifting meet, or in between sessions the Recoveroller has helped keep me healthy and productive as I push the limits of my own physique and strength goals. Awesome product John!"

~ Alberto Nunez, IFPA Professional Bodybuilder

"Working my mobility with the RECOVEROLLER is incredibly effective and an essential part of all of my lower body workouts. I am a figure competitor with a lot of glute/hip/ham issues. My body weight gets pretty low while dieting, so simply sitting on a blunt, soft foam roller does not dig into my tissues with enough force to do any good. In opposition, many of my large male bodybuilding friends who DO weigh a lot are just incredibly dense and are in need of something more aggressive to get the active release they need. This product is simply made for athletes with bodies that are pushing limits. Thank you for making it!!!

~Andrea Valdez, Andrea Valdez Health, YouTube Fitness Celebrity

"I've got two of these. They're awesome for working out those kinks and getting me ready for heavy leg days. I also use it on by back at the end of the day and it loosens me up before I sleep. Foam rollers are good for maybe a day until you get used to it and it's useless. This thing is tough and digs in like it's supposed to. I highly recommend it compared to the others on the market."

~Josh W.

"I love this roller. It completely changed the recovery field. A traditional foam roller is usually too broad to really work like it is suggested too. The recoverroller can dig into spots that I the broad foam roller wont touch."

~Jonathan L.

"Works well. Way better than the styrofoam rollers. Looks great as well. High quality product with great customer service. Couldn't be happier with my purchase."

~Kevin P.

"Our athletes love these things!"
~Peter B, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Cal Strength

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