LIFT-EZ Portable Barbell Jack Wedge for Deadlift, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, CrossFit, Gym

  • 1299
  • Save $ 700

Color refers to metal bolt colors

SAVE YOUR BACK - for your lifts. Easily add plates without having to fuss with additional 45s or bumper plates dragging on the ground and wasting energy lifting the bar end to get them to slide on.

SAVE MONEY & SPACE - deadlift jacks are expensive and take up space. Most gyms can only afford 1 or 2, but have multiple lifters training at the same time. LIFT-EZ wedges are the solution.

ALWAYS BE PREPARED - it sucks being used to having a jack, traveling to a different gym, and then being stuck with clunky loading and unloading. LIFT-EZ wedges fit easily in your gym bag. Easily load and unload barbells anywhere.

BE SAFE - improvising by rolling onto a 5 lb. plate or block of wood is unstable, plates can roll off causing frustration and injury. You can count on our rounded base to keep plates in place. Wide base is great for 100 lb plates and bumpers. 


The joy and curse of being able to lift more than 1 plate per side. We all want to lift heavy, but shouldn't we be saving our energy for those heavy lifts, not wasting time and energy fighting those 2nd, 3rd, and more plates that are tough to slide on the end of the bar? It's like you end up deadlifting the end of the bar twice between each set to load plates leaving your back fatigued for the next set. It would suck to miss that next PR. You could buy a deadlift jack, but they are expensive and can't travel with you to other gyms. The solution to always be prepared, safe, and save your back is the LIFT-EZ wedge. Use 1 or 2 to make your next lifting session go much smoother. Great for powerlifting, weightlifting/olympic lifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, personal training, and pretty much any barbell or hex/trap bar lifting in the gym. Unlike a deadlift jack, our wedges work with trap bars and block pulls/lifts too. Made in the USA and available in black rubber with a variety of cool hardware colors. Lifetime durability guarantee. While we have tested our wedge with 800 lbs, if it ever breaks we want to know about it and replace it. LIFT-EZ!

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