59: Can Mid-Set Rest Periods Give Better Gains?

Posted by John Bosse on

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The study reviewed in today's episode looks at cluster training - basically cutting all your resistance training sets in half with mini rest periods. This often leads to higher quality reps across a set and in the case of this study, some pretty darn impressive strength and power gains in highly trained participants. This is a much longer episode than normal, but the study was very dense as were all of the application tips that came out of it. Most notable of those tips are John's reflections on his he's currently thinking about a unique use of cluster training to get maximal quality AND quantity out of a workout. There are also numerous nuggets in relations to the different time courses results in different areas happen on and how we can perhaps miss the boat if we don't adjust our training accordingly. John really enjoyed creating this episode. John always reviews the full text of every article, but to see the abstract of the study discussed, click here:

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