140: MTV True Life I Want the Perfect Body's Anthony Monetti - Pt 2

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Anthony Monetti from MTV’s True Life I Want the Perfect Body in 2003 is today’s special guest in part 2 of a two part interview. Part 1 was episode 138. Anthony shares the creative ways in which he got himself on TV multiple times. Tells us more about his upcoming projects and gives lots of great insight on balancing an active career of a fitness professional with the challenge of being a professional natural bodybuilder. He also talks about choosing your ideal client that you wish to work with and about his decision to open a Diet Doc Franchise with his gym. We also run through a series of either or questions on training, nutrition, and other areas of life – entertaining and lets you get to know Anthony better.
Anthony Monetti is an accomplished WNBF Professional Natural Bodybuilder having taken 2nd place in the WNBF Pro Universe in 2010 and winning the heavyweights at the 2013 WNBF Pro US Cup. Many people know him from his 2003 appearance on MTV’s True Life I Want the Perfect Body Series which documented his journey in trying to turn professional as a natural bodybuilder. Since that time in addition to the turning pro and the placings I just mentioned Anthony’s appeared on the TV show Change of Heart, Change of Heart, represented a video game at Comicon in 2008, been on The NewlyWed Game with your Wife Karen, opened a Diet Doc franchise, promoted natural bodybuilding shows, and opened his own gym bodhi by Anthony Monetti.
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